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  Welcome to Leonardi Chiropractic Wellness Office, P.C., an office dedicated to providing quality Concierge Chiropractic Wellness Care.  

We do not participate or accept health insurance.


Because we have made Concierge Chiropractic Wellness Care extremely
affordableFor a very reasonable monthly fee*, we will provide you with all of your Chiropractic Wellness Care needs. Call for details: (570) 760-6121. 

Concierge health service is a growing trend in the United States, however as it is implemented by others --- it is an expensive form of add-on services. Here at the  Leonardi Chiropractic Wellness Office, P.C. we have designed concierge care for everyone.  Instead of an expensive add-on service, we have made concierge care the standard --- delivering to you, elite care services at affordable rates.

As he did with Chiropractic pain management, Doc Joe Leonardi is setting a new trend in making affordable Concierge Chiropractic Wellness Care the standard.  Make Doc Leonardi YOUR wellness care chiropractor.  Utilizing his years in practice, combined with his experience as the team Chiropractor for many of the areas professional and semi-professional sports organizations, Doc Leonardi will help you stay well. 

The Wellness Office's focus is to provide Chiropractic Wellness Care for not only your lifestyle, but for your life. For a very affordable investment, you will receive Chiropractic Wellness Care from Doc Joe Leonardi for an entire month*.

*Recurring monthly billing is required to take advantage of the monthly fee. A set-up and activation fee may apply. A per visit fee schedule is available.

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Just a heads up, there are some changes coming to the office:

Effective March 17th 2014 the new monthly fee for “Chiropractic Access” will increase. Current patients will not see an increase in their monthly access fee, as per the current agreement: 

“As long as a patient remains enrolled and current, the fee will not increase.”

However, if a patient cancels or automatic payment is declined, to continue care, the patient will be charged the new rate  plus a reinstatement fee.

The fee is to be paid in cash, and must be paid prior to being reinstated into the Concierge Chiropractic Program.

Additionally effective March 17, 2014, there will now be an examination fee.  This fee will apply to all new patients, and patients who have lapsed for a period of one (1) month and return for care.  This fee is cash only and must be paid prior to the examination and must be paid regardless of whether or not person is a candidate for chiropractic care and accepted for treatment.

For patients who enter the Concierge Chiropractic Program after March 17, 2014

The following is included with the recurrent billing option, which is for Chiropractic Access to the Concierge Chiropractic Program, and which may deemed chiropractically necessary:

-General screenings and necessary examinations, after the initial examination and as long as there has not been a one (1) month lapse in the Concierge Chiropractic Program.

-Chiropractic palpatory examination

-As needed; acute, maintenance or preventative chiropractic adjustments

-Adjunctive Physiological Procedures which may include: hot or cold pack therapy.

The following adjunctive physiological procedures are NOT included in the monthly Chiropractic Access for the Concierge Program. These adjunctive physiolgical procedures will be billed on a cash only per treatment fee posted at the office: Intersegment traction, therapeutic ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, neuromuscular reeducation, soft tissue manipulation and/or physical rehabilitation as deemed chiropractically necessary.  You, the patient, have the right to decline these treatments if recommended, knowing that refusing these treatments may slow or hamper your recovery.

**These will be charged on a cash only per visit fee as per the schedule posted in the office.**

Embrace The Leonardi Chiropractic
Wellness Office Model of care.

effective 3/17/14 the fee will increase to $50.00/month

ontact us today. 

Phone (570) 760-6121

email: DocJoeLeonardi@docleonardi.com

What is included:

-General screenings and necessary examinations as chiropractically necessary

-Chiropractic palpatory examination, physical, orthopedic and neurological examinations as chiropractically necessary:

-As chiropractically necessary:; acute, maintenance or preventative chiropractic adjustments

-Adjunctive Physiological Procedures which may include: hot or cold pack therapy, ultrasound, mechanical traction, neuromuscular reeducation, soft tissue manipulation and/or physical rehabilitation as deemed chiropractically necessary.

What is NOT included:

-Acute Care Treatment for automobile accident, worker’s compensation injury OR personal injury. If you have an automobile, worker's compensation or personal injury and require acute care treatment, you or your insurance will be billed accordingly for evaluation and treatment at the Leonardi Family Chiropractic Office. 

*Leonardi Chiropractic Wellness Office, P.C is NOT a replacement for health insurance. You are paying for access to Chiropractor Doc Leonardi's expertise, experience and time. 

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